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Henggao global invested 2.8 billion to build a glass deep processing production line in Zhongshan

the investment promotion meeting for people's bonded logistics and energy, chemical and environmental protection industrial park won a grand slam

it was learned at this investment promotion meeting that Zhongshan City is accelerating the integration and optimization of industrial layout and promoting the construction of industrial clusters. One of the major measures is to focus on building a bonded logistics center, an energy storage, chemical and building materials cluster Shazi comprehensive chemical industry cluster and ecological environmental protection industrial park. These four industrial parks are all located in Minmin town in the eastern group of "one district, three towns" in Zhongshan City. Zhongshan bonded logistics center is also a key project of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" of the new ten projects in Guangdong Province. The planned land is 4600 mu, which is developed and constructed in three phases. In the leading phase, 801 Mu is planned to be developed and constructed, with an investment of 6. 800 million yuan. At present, the first phase of 130000 square meters factory electronic universal experimental machine is a new generation of double space microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine room project specially designed for colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, and the project is under full construction

the logistics center is type B, which can store 8 kinds of goods, such as domestic export goods, transit goods, international transit goods, foreign temporary goods, etc. Its establishment can well solve the problems of deep processing without tax rebate; The first phase of the ecological environmental protection industrial park is 1230 mu, with a total investment of 9. With a total of 600million yuan, it has five functional areas, including the surplus sludge treatment area of the municipal sewage treatment plant and the printing and dyeing sludge disposal area. The park is dominated by industries such as the treatment of domestic and industrial sludge, the recovery and treatment of waste liquid containing metals, and the dismantling and regeneration of waste metals with advanced technology. It provides enterprises with sewage treatment facilities, and strives to build an environmental protection industry with high scientific and technological content, which will bring good economic benefits to enterprises in the park

click the button to start the experiment. At the subsequent project signing ceremony, the bonded logistics center signed a cooperation agreement with the enterprise, and the leaders of Minmin town signed a credit agreement with the bank first, and then signed an investment cooperation agreement with the enterprise. It is understood that the total investment of the project signed by Hong Kong Henggao Global International Co., Ltd. this time reached 2.8 billion yuan to build soda ash, float glass and glass deep-processing production lines. The ultra thick, ultra-thin and automotive glass factories produced are widely used in construction, electronics and automotive manufacturing industries; Zhongshan Morita Chemical Co., Ltd., known as "corrosion protection expert" and "surface protection major event 5. Positive deviation of indication value of tensile testing machine; division" by customers, has a total investment of 50million yuan. Its coating products are widely used in the corrosion prevention of oil transmission pipelines and chemical storage tanks, and it is an important supplier of CNOOC

after the signing ceremony, the people's town government organized representatives and pole pulling hole tables to visit the above four parks, and also held a foundation laying ceremony for the public Wharf in the energy storage, chemical and building materials cluster area

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