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Henan Provincial Engineering Laboratory for flame retardant and functional materials declared by Henan University has been approved to be included in the joint construction project of industry, University and research in Henan industrial agglomeration area. In recent years, it has developed an innovative flat power supply time table project plan, becoming the second Provincial Engineering Laboratory of Henan University

Henan Engineering Laboratory of flame retardant and functional materials was built by the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Henan University, and the co construction unit was Kaifeng Longyu Chemical Co., Ltd. In order to promote the healthy and rapid development of the aluminum based new materials industry, the laboratory will focus on the development of the new materials industry in the county's industrial agglomeration area around the characteristics of these products, such as energy conservation, safety, non destruction of the ozone layer and extremely low global warming potential. In view of the unreasonable structure of flame retardant materials that restrict industrial development, the high proportion of halogen flame retardant products, low grade and few types of special efficient catalysts, the laboratory will carry out the research and development of new flame retardants and flame retardant materials, In particular, the research and development of flame retardant polyoxymethylene and the preparation of new and efficient catalysts have realized the industrialization of high-end modified polyoxymethylene engineering plastics

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