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Hengan Group held a global supplier exchange conference

on January 11, the annual supplier exchange conference of Hengan Group was held in Jinjiang headquarters, and more than 200 supplier partners from around the world attended the exchange conference. Xulianjie, CEO of Hengan Group, xuqingchi, vice president of operation center, and others attended the meeting

it is reported that this year is the second supplier exchange conference held by Hengan Group. Focusing on value innovation and adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation, Hengan Group invites important supplier partners to participate in the annual exchange conference. The conference focused on the new trends, new products and new technologies of the industry; Carry out Frank and in-depth exchanges around the themes of improving cooperation mode and improving cooperation efficiency. Through concentrated professional discussion and exchange, enhance mutual trust and cooperation, and achieve win-win innovation

Hengan Group has fully communicated with its supplier partners on its platform management reform, procurement platform, R & D platform and other systems and mechanisms. At the same time, experts from IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers have been invited to carry out professional analysis around hot spots such as sustainable development. Famous suppliers such as 3M also shared their experience and experience in innovation and standardized management on the spot

the exchange conference also held parallel forums, which conducted professional research and Discussion on how to break through the dilemma of homogenization of female hygiene products, the development trend of baby diapers, the discussion of the international paper packaging industry, and the application of wipes nonwovens

Xu Lianjie, CEO of Hengan Group, said in his speech that HengAn has continued to promote platform transformation in recent years, with a year-on-year decrease of 25.1%; The gross profit margin decreased from 24.5% to about 15.5%; From the 100% crack free layer by layer management and control of the pyramid to the flat and platform mode, GE has established an operation platform based on big data informatization and formulated the platform rules of "sunshine and justice". This new system is applicable to HengAn's internal and also to HengAn's partners. Under the platform rules of "just sunshine", a standards committee was established to formulate fair, open and just standards for systems, processes, products, raw materials, equipment and other fields. With standards and systems, we can maintain the efficient operation of all fields on the operation platform, improve business efficiency, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of our partners. Under HengAn's new platform and the platform rules of "just sunshine", supplier partners will enjoy equal opportunities for cooperation

ceo Xu Qu said to Lian Jie, in the 34 years of development of HengAn, there are also many supplier partners who have maintained good cooperative relations for nearly 30 years. Based on integrity, HengAn and them have trusted each other and cooperated for win-win results, becoming a model of common development and common growth. "Pursue health and grow with us" is the concept of HengAn enterprise development, and it is also the common development goal with suppliers and partners

xuqingchi, vice president of PVC pipe ring stiffness testing machine of Hengan Group's operation center, said in the summary of the meeting that with the establishment of the group's platform and the improvement of various systems and rules, it provides a better foundation and space for the cooperation between the majority of supplier partners and HengAn, and hopes that the supplier partners and HengAn will form a closer community of interests, work together, and achieve common higher value on the platform

before the conference, Hengan Group signed with the first batch of strategic cooperation suppliers in 2019, and 1119 suppliers also signed integrity agreements with Hengan Group. On January 10, this supplier exchange conference also held overseas theme sub forums in advance

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