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Heng'an and explore the upgrading of Omni channel strategic cooperation

release date: Source: Jinjiang merchants

recently, Heng'an group and held a strategic cooperation conference in Beijing. Xu shuishen, President of Heng'an group's operation center, Xu Qingchi, vice president of operation center, and Liu Lizhen, general manager of's Omni channel business group consumer goods business unit Qi Ting, general manager of the centralized purchase commodity center of Omni channel business group, and other responsible persons launched in-depth discussions

it is reported that Heng'an group and group changed to a direct cooperation mode as early as 2016. Over the past five years, the cooperation between Heng'an group and group has been constantly upgraded. From a single store to strategic cooperation, it has expanded from the original three categories of Jiaqing, Gehu and diapers to five major sectors such as Jiaqing, Gehu, diapers, agents and Xintong. The sales performance of its brands such as xinxiangyin, 7d space, Anle and anlekang, which can also be used for marketing statements in, has achieved steady growth in verified products, system processes and facilities

"In the past few years of cooperation with, we have increasingly felt the deep strength of group in Omni channel and self built logistics, including the whole supply chain. In recent years, group has provided strong support to Heng'an group in precision marketing, big data, sales, logistics and other aspects. Next, we will more actively participate in's Omni channel efforts, work together to carry out deeper cooperation, and more importantly, explore how to cooperate with How to provide better products and services to C-end consumers together. " Xu Qingchi stressed at the fair that in the process of building a marketing platform this year, Heng'an will pay more attention to the empowerment of consumers and digitalization on enterprises. In this regard, Heng'an needs to explore and learn more from

Xu Shenshui said that the cooperation with group has been relatively smooth in the past five years. Hengan Group and group have a good consensus, and believe that through communication, the two sides will have a new start. In the future, they will actively discuss the use of materials in China's wind power market

in this regard, Liu Lizhen said that at present, JD supermarket has become the largest retailer of many categories and brands. In terms of Omni channel ability, in addition to complementing the main station, Jingdong supermarket will also open "One person can't get enough firewood. The omni channel supply chain and digital capabilities, together with offline physical stores, create digital solutions for the brand.

the meeting held in-depth discussions on how to integrate and maximize resources between the two sides, summarized the problems encountered in the past cooperation and planned longer-term cooperation. In addition to discussing the strategic cooperation upgrading in product sales at the second China international automobile lightweight materials and technology exhibition 2016, Hengan Group will work with JD group has in-depth cooperation in the supply chain. Taking North China as a model, JD group has carried out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with JD group in B2C supply chain optimization, transportation innovation, warehousing automation, prediction and planning coordination (CPFR), as well as supply chain digitalization, so as to improve Hengan Group's supply chain response ability

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