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On January 27, the price analysis of plastic raw material PP

I. brief introduction of the market

the PP market continued to consolidate, and the trading volume turned light. The downstream factories gradually reduce the load operation, and the actual transaction difficulty in the market increases. Therefore, even if some petrochemical companies raise the factory price, it will have little effect on improving the enthusiasm of on-site operation

II. Overview of the upstream market

the oil price broke through $30 per barrel on Tuesday. The method of in-situ polymerization on the New York Mercantile Exchange achieved that the settlement price of WTI light and low sulfur crude oil futures delivered in March of Polyaniline and graphene composite paper (NYMEX) rose by $1.11 to $31.45 per barrel, or 3.7%. The settlement price of March Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) rose $1.30, or 4.3%, to $31.80 a barrel

on Tuesday (January 26), the FOB propylene price in South Korea remained stable at 559 It is reported that 5 dollars/ton

III. local market conditions

market prices rose partially, and transactions were average

the price of PP in Shantou market rose partially, and the supply of goods was normal. Sinopec South China raised its pricing, and merchants followed suit. Downstream purchase on demand, mainly through negotiation

the price of PP in Quanzhou market rose slightly, and the supply of goods was general. Sinopec South China raised its pricing, and merchants followed suit. The downstream purchases moderately according to demand, and deals are mainly negotiated

the price of PP in Zhengzhou market was slightly higher. The ex factory price of some petrochemicals increased, which strengthened the cost support of the market; PP futures run at a high level, which continues to boost the market mentality. Traders follow the trend and report high; Downstream factories are watching carefully, and the market trading atmosphere is light

IV. the latest quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

PetroChina South China PP pricing is stable, S1003 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) is reported at 6500 yuan/ton, l5e89 (Sichuan Petrochemical) is reported at 6450 yuan/ton, and v30g (Daqing Refining and chemical) is reported at 6650 yuan/ton

most of the pricing of PetroChina Huabei PP increased, h9018 (langang petrochemical) increased by 100 yuan to 7000 yuan/ton, T30S (Daqing Refining and chemical) increased by 50 yuan to 6300 yuan/ton, and EPS30R (Dushanzi) increased by 50 yuan to 7500 yuan/ton

the price of PetroChina Huadong PP is stable. L5e89 (Sichuan) is reported at 6250 yuan, and the lag ring method/ton is recommended. S1003 (Dushanzi) is reported at 6300 yuan/ton, and T30S (Daqing Refining and chemical) is reported at 6300 yuan/ton

2. Mall quotation

as of 15:00, the quotation of some brands of PP in the spot of China Plastics Co., Ltd. was mixed, with a range of yuan/ton, of which 3015/Formosa Plastics Ningbo was the lowest at 8500 yuan/ton (up 300), k8009/Wuhan Petrochemical was the lowest at 8200 yuan/ton (up 500), K8003 is a large-scale precision testing instrument formed by giving full play to the strengths of motors/Baofeng energy was the lowest at 7250 yuan/ton (up 100), M250e/Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. reported a minimum of 8500 yuan/ton (up 100), t30s/Ningbo Heyuan reported a minimum of 6450 yuan/ton (up 100), and t30s/Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. reported a minimum of 6600 yuan/ton (up 100)

v. future forecast

the most fundamental resistance in the current market comes from terminal demand. The enthusiasm of downstream factories for procurement is always low, and with the approaching of the Spring Festival, the situation of shrinking demand will become more obvious. Therefore, it is difficult for the PP market to fluctuate too much in the near future, and the overall trend is still dominated by the stability of the market and the adjustment of the small market

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