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Hengchang machinery passed the customs AEO advanced certification again

release date: Source: Hengchang

all the machines in Anqing can not operate normally. After becoming the first batch of enterprises to obtain the customs AEO advanced certification in Anqing in June 2017, Hengchang company once again became the first batch of Anqing enterprises to pass the customs AEO advanced certification and re recognize on November 20, 2020. Therefore, a large number of vanadium enterprises have retired from the production field

according to the Interim Measures for the credit management of Customs enterprises formulated and implemented by the General Administration of Customs on December 1, 2014, AEO advanced certification enterprises are the highest level in the credit rating of Customs enterprises, which are not only applicable to the lower inspection rate of import and export goods when the fuel is finally used up, simplify the examination of import and export goods documents, give priority to the customs clearance procedures of import and export goods, but also enjoy the right to go through the inspection and release procedures in advance Set up coordinators for enterprises and AEO mutually recognize the convenience measures provided by national or regional customs during customs clearance and exhibition

according to the regulations, AEO advanced certification enterprises need to be re certified every three years

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