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Henan Zhongyuan cloud joined hands with American sanipont to develop the Internet cloud service market

on the morning of May 16, Henan Zhongyuan cloud big data group Co., Ltd. and American sanipont International LLC held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Zhengzhou, which marks that big data group has adopted an open thinking and actively introduced the most advanced technology and cooperation mode, which will occupy the technological commanding heights in Internet services and start and develop the Internet cloud service market. Zhuxiayan, deputy director of the Publicity Department of Henan provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Party group and director of Henan Publishing, radio, film and Television Bureau, attended the signing ceremony

According to the agreement, Zhongyuan cloud and sanipont have formed a long-term strategic partnership. Big data group will launch intelligent Internet information services, e-commerce, logistics, finance Big data technology and other cloud services. The new Internet cloud services launched by big data group through cooperation will organically combine local market demand with Internet technology, cloud computing and big data platforms, and actively seize the commanding heights of Internet Accelerate the construction of Henan complete cloud. The materials produced by extrusion or injection molding include (profile, plate computing and big data industry chain will further improve the quality and level of technology application in traditional industries in transformation and upgrading, as well as emerging service industries such as Henan Internet information service software programming services in Delphi language, e-commerce and logistics, and help Henan traditional industries to transform and upgrade.

it is understood that Henan Zhongyuan cloud big data group Co., Ltd. was established by Henan Publishing, radio, film and Television Bureau with the approval of the Publicity Department of Henan provincial Party committee Li's state-owned enterprise is an Internet technology company that provides cloud computing and big data services, aiming to build a regional comprehensive cloud computing big data service center based in Henan, radiating the Central Plains Economic Zone and facing the whole country. Sanipont is a well-known Internet technology company in the United States, focusing on the research and development of Internet high-tech and products and the promotion of excellent Internet business models. Its core technologies and products mainly include: big data and cloud computing technology, e-commerce technology, internet intelligent information service technology, Internet multimedia technology and other industry application systems. Its customers are all over the world and widely serve the government, media, medical treatment, education, commerce, transportation, telecommunications and other industries

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