Analysis on the price of plastic raw material HDPE

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Analysis on the price of plastic raw material HDPE on March 17

I. brief introduction to the market

pe market stopped falling and rose. Crude oil and ethylene monomer prices rose overnight, and linear futures rose slightly higher, boosting the market trading atmosphere. In addition, petrochemical enterprises took advantage of the trend to increase some ex factory prices, which played an obvious role in supporting the market. The mentality of the merchants was acceptable, and they actively reported high prices in line with the market. The terminal inquiry was still cautious, and the transaction was still based on rigid demand

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

crude oil futures soared on Wednesday. Light and low sulfur crude oil futures for April delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $2.12, or 5.8%, to $38.46 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures, the global benchmark of the European ICE Futures Exchange, rose $1.59, to $40.33 a barrel

on Wednesday (March 16), the market price of ethylene in Asia rose, and the price of CFR Northeast Asia rose by $10 to close at 1189 5 dollars/ton; CFR Southeast Asia prices rose $10 to close at 1159 5 dollars/ton

III. local market prices

market quotations rose. The demand continues to be flat, and the firm offer is a single deal

the price of PE market in Ningbo increased slightly. Due to the strong price of petrochemicals and the strong trend of futures, some offers rose slightly. Due to cautious terminal procurement, the transaction price rose by a limited margin

Yu Xizhi, deputy to the National People's Congress, head of Sinopec Maozhan refining and chemical 1 integration leading group, general manager of Maoming Petrochemical and general manager of China Science and technology refining and Chemical Corporation, suggested that the PE market price in Nanjing should rise. In the morning, due to the price rise of some petrochemicals, traders' offers were strong, but the transaction was not followed up, and rigid demand was the main factor

the PE market price in Shenyang rose partially. Linear futures opened high and fluctuated, the market trading atmosphere was general, and traders sold goods at a small margin. The follow-up of terminal demand is slow, and the firm offer is negotiated

IV. in terms of the latest quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

the listing price of HDPE in South China of CNPC increased, with 2911 (Fushun Petrochemical) rising by 100 yuan to 9100 yuan/ton, 8008 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) rising by 100 yuan to 9500 yuan/ton, and 6097 (Daqing Petrochemical) rising by 9200 yuan/ton

the listing price of PetroChina Southwest HDPE is stable, with 5502 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) at 9500 yuan/ton, 2911 (Fushun Petrochemical) at 9400 yuan/ton, and 8008 (Sichuan Petrochemical) at 9200 yuan/ton

the pricing of HDPE in CNPC northeast increased, gc100s (Jilin Petrochemical) was reported to be 9600 yuan/ton, 7260 (Fushun Petrochemical so that the previous experimental data can be queried at any time in the future) was increased by 100 yuan to 9100 yuan/ton, and 2200j (Daqing Petrochemical) was increased by 100 yuan to 9100 yuan/ton

2. Mall quotation

as of 15:00, the quotation of some brands of HDPE in China Plastics' spot increased by yuan/ton, of which 2911/Fushun ethylene was the lowest reported at 9100 yuan/ton (up 100), 52518/Iran Petrochemical was the lowest reported at 8500 yuan/ton (up 50), 9001/Taiwan Plastic lowest reported 9800 yuan/ton (up 2), he explained: "the example of three stars is very serious 50", dmda-8008/Dushanzi Petrochemical lowest reported 9650 yuan/ton (up 50), hd5502s/Wuhan Petrochemical lowest reported 9700 yuan/ton (up 100) 。

v. aftermarket forecast

the price support of petrochemicals has increased, but the downstream demand continues to be weak, the market support is limited, the mentality of merchants is poor, they lack confidence in the aftermarket, and most of them actively sell goods at a profit. It is expected that the market will remain volatile in the near future, with limited upward momentum

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