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Analysis of corrugated paper price trend

last month, the average market price of comfortable corrugated paper was 4838/ton, down 1.99% month on month and up 37.86% year on year. This month, due to the traditional market demand for corrugated paper is in the off-season, the overall trading atmosphere is in the midstream. In the quotation of large-scale paper enterprises at the beginning of the month, the price was first reduced by/ton and then continued to rise, while some small and medium-sized paper enterprises fluctuated slightly, with a range of/ton. Recently, the price of waste yellow cardboard raw materials has been frequently rectified, but due to the impact of policies and foreign waste imports, the price of domestic waste is relatively high. During the month, paper enterprises received the pressure of high raw material prices and sluggish sales, shut down for maintenance and limited production, and the commencement of the industry fell. However, the downstream demand has not changed significantly, and it is still purchased on demand. Due to the escalation of Sino US trade frictions in the mechanical function experiments of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products, the demand is weakened and the expectation is enhanced

upstream raw material market analysis

1. Waste paper market analysis

. The arrival volume of paper mills also began to fall from the peak at the beginning of the month, and the purchase price was actively increased; In the middle of the month, with the Dragon Boat Festival holiday as the boundary, the downtime, maintenance and collection of domestic paper mills have increased, the enthusiasm of yellow paperboard suppliers to ship has increased, and the factory price of national waste yellow paperboard has decreased significantly before the Dragon Boat Festival; In the late days, the national waste yellow paperboard rebounded. Although the escalation of Sino US trade disputes brought the expectation that the U.S. waste policy would be loosened and postponed indefinitely, the main reason was that the market buying gas returned from the bottom of the stage after the Dragon Boat Festival. The commodity was widely used in the metallurgical industry, mechanical processing industry, construction engineering industry, engineering construction supervision, technical property supervision and other enterprises. Near the end of the month, the factory price of waste yellow paperboard fell to the peak stage. On the whole, the price trend of waste yellow paperboard in China in July was still dominated by range shocks, and attention was paid to the opportunity for the price of waste yellow paperboard to break the upper edge of the range of shocks in the second half of the year

3. Wood pulp market analysis

the spot price trend of imported wood pulp in June is different, the overall downstream demand is weak, and the market trading is light. The monthly average price of imported coniferous pulp was 6566/ton, with a month on month decrease of 1.84% and a year-on-year increase of 31.26%; The average monthly price of broad-leaved pulp was 5738/ton, up 0.33% month on month and 13.08% year on year; The monthly average price of natural color paste was 6904/ton, with a month on month decrease of 0.99% and a year-on-year increase of 32.65%; The monthly average price of chemical mechanical pulp was 4685/ton, up 2.26% month on month and 0.17% year on year. Forecast: according to zhuochuang information analysis, the RMB depreciates, the external market continues to be flat, and the cost pressure of businesses increases; Downstream demand is light, and the enthusiasm of paper mills to purchase raw materials is low. It is expected that the pulp market will just need to trade next month, and the pulp price will continue to be under pressure. However, affected by the cost side, the merchants have no intention to make a substantial profit

3 market forecast for next month

it is expected that the trading volume of corrugated paper market in July may be improved, the price of raw material waste yellow board will remain high and volatile, and the cost side is still supported. In addition, at the end of the month, the Mid Autumn Festival orders were prepared successively, and the downstream demand was expected to increase, supporting the corrugated paper market price to show a steady upward trend. However, as the downstream purchasing mentality tends to be rational, the situation of centralized delivery is difficult to appear, so the increase in July may be limited

the downstream demand continues to be weak, coupled with the non-stop trend of environmental protection, the profit space of small and medium-sized paper enterprises has seriously shrunk. In the context of high and volatile raw material waste paper prices, many paper mills shut down for maintenance and waited for the right time to continue production. At present, most paper mills maintain a wait-and-see situation, and large-scale paper mills are more cautious in formulating price policies, and adjust prices according to the actual follow-up of downstream orders. In the context of no obvious change in the price policy of large-scale paper mills, it is expected that the price of carton board will continue to operate weakly and stably in July. Focus on the price trend of raw waste paper and the start-up of tourism demand in the LED lamp accessories industry

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