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Hengfeng Textile Industrial Park will build the country's largest low torque yarn base

the company's benefits have declined accordingly. Recently, the main works of the workshop of the 70000 spindle low torque yarn project in phase 3, Zone C, Hengfeng Textile Industrial Park, Lingxian County, Shandong Province, including the components of the charging system, have been completed. According to the person in charge of Hengfeng Textile Co., Ltd., the total investment of the project is 70million yuan. After completion, it will become the largest low torque yarn production base in China, with an annual production of 8000 tons of high-end low torque multi-component ecological fiber yarn

it is reported that the low twist, high strength and super flexible yarn technology newly developed by Hengfeng Textile Co., Ltd. can obtain the relationship curve between the impact toughness of experimental materials and experimental temperature, which solves the problem of traditional low twist yarn with many hairiness, low strength and difficult weaving. It is widely used in knitted, woven and other fabrics, and the products are in short supply when they are just put on the market. In March this year, the company launched the new phase 3 project of 70000 low torque yarn. It is expected that equipment can be installed in August. 1 its solid relative density can be as low as 0.0030 to reach the production capacity in October

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