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Henan: strive to overcome the bottleneck of mechanized sesame harvest

"every 10 mu of sesame field in China, there are 3 mu in Henan". In recent years, Henan sesame has been well-known nationwide, with a planting area of about 2.8 million mu, accounting for 1/3 of the national planting area. Sesame oil, sesame paste, sesame leaves and other sesame processing products are well-known. The continuous development of sesame processing products has gradually "grown" small sesame into a big industry in the Central Plains

"new varieties + efficient" light simplified production helps sesame harvest

from August 25 to 26, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences organized relevant experts from the provincial cash crop extension station, Henan Agricultural University, Hebei Academy of agricultural and Forestry Sciences and other units to carry out observation meetings on new varieties and efficient simplified production technology of sesame at the sesame research center of Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Xiangcheng and Pingyu County, and conduct on-site yield measurement

Liu Changjian, a major planter in Baigou village, moling Town, Xiangcheng City, is a famous local expert in sesame planting. Among the more than 700 mu of cultivated land transferred, the sesame planting area exceeds 400 mu

nowadays, sesame is growing well and the harvest is coming. In addition to years of planting experience and excellent variety zhengtaizhi No.1, Liu Changjian also received the technical guidance of experts from the sesame research center of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences this year. Using new technologies such as mechanical no tillage direct seeding, chemical weeding, and balanced mechanical fertilization, he ensured the high yield and high efficiency of sesame under the conditions of continuous high temperature and drought in the middle stage of sesame growth

on August 25, at the observation meeting of efficient and simplified production technology organized by the sesame research center of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, an expert group composed of relevant experts from the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the provincial cash crop extension station, Henan Agricultural University, Hebei Academy of agricultural and Forestry Sciences and other units measured the yield. The average yield of sesame planted by Liu Changjian is expected to reach 176.1 kg per mu. According to the current market price, the net income per mu is more than 1500 yuan

it is also zhengtaizhi No.1, and it is also the technical guidance provided by experts from the sesame research center of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The production of the planting bases of Gucheng village, Sheqiao Town, Pingyu county and Lantian white sesame Development Co., Ltd. has also been greatly improved, with an average yield of 195.2 kg and 179.4 kg per mu respectively

The main products of the harvest problem of large-scale planters are universal experimental machines and electronic universal experimental machines waiting to be solved. Researcher Wei Shuangling, director of the cultivation and Cultivation Research Office of the sesame research center of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that through the mechanized no tillage precision sowing technology, more than 200 grams of seeds per mu can be saved, while ensuring the application of key technologies such as one sowing of full seedlings, less spacing of seedlings, balanced fertilization, chemical weeding, green prevention and control of diseases and pests, and chemical regulation, It is the key to saving cost and increasing efficiency in sesame planting. New varieties and technologies have brought about the improvement of sesame yield and quality

however, with the growing scale of sesame planting, the problem of mechanized harvest is becoming a problem that puzzles many farmers. Liu Changjian has a deep understanding of this. He said that sesame planting is time-consuming and laborious, and there is a large demand for labor, but now there is a lack of labor in rural areas, and the price is high. The cost per person per day is about 80 yuan, and the labor cost is high

Wei Shuangling said that unlike wheat and corn, sesame planting has not yet achieved mechanization in the whole process of planting, especially in the harvest link. With the continuous expansion of the planting scale, how to actively innovate the planting mode, research and develop new varieties and new machinery suitable for sesame planting on a large scale, the new business form of sesame industry development not only puts forward new requirements for researchers to automatically calculate the maximum experimental force value, breaking force value and other experimental data, but also provides new ideas and new methods, which has certain guiding significance for the further development of sesame industry in our province

gather multidisciplinary technical forces to promote the healthy development of sesame industry

4. Manual hydraulic universal material testing machine

this year, the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhumadian Municipal government. The main content of the agreement is to focus on the structural reform of Zhumadian's agricultural supply side and implement the Academy City Joint Construction of modern agricultural science and technology demonstration boutique project. Among them, sesame industry is one of the important contents. Through the joint efforts of agricultural scientific research institutions at the provincial, municipal and county levels, the effect is obvious

Wei Wenxing, director of the scientific and technological achievements demonstration and Promotion Department of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, believes that agricultural science and technology can play a more important role in further promoting the structural reform of the agricultural supply side and promoting the "four excellence and four modernization". We should focus on the whole industrial chain and build an integrated technical support system in line with the whole industrial chain through the collaborative work of multidisciplinary technical forces. In terms of sesame planting in Pingyu county and other places, the participants in the project are not only sesame experts, but also soil and fertilizer experts. June 4, 2015 - Bayer materials technology (officially renamed covestro since September 1, 2015) held the "public open day" (hereinafter referred to as "open day") activity of Shanghai polymer research and Development Center (PRDC) this day. Plant protection experts and agricultural product processing experts need to work together to promote industrial development, Form a joint force to jointly promote technological progress and industrial development

"the problem of mechanized harvesting of sesame planting has become the bottleneck of the further development of sesame industry in our province. Focusing on the needs of the development of sesame industry, how to reduce labor input will be the key to the sustainable development of sesame industry." Wei Wenxing said

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