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Introduction to XCMG's new product Yangwei "Santai" Earth: on August 19, 2003, the product exhibition of XCMG group and the commissioning ceremony of the mixing station of Taizhou Huatong company opened in Taizhou Chuangyuan hotel. 140 users of Jiangsu Provincial Communications Engineering Corporation, Hebei Province, Henan Province and Taizhou transportation and highway systems and XCMG product dealers attended the meeting. XCMG group branch

on August 19, 2003, "XCMG product exhibition and Taizhou Huatong mixing plant commissioning ceremony" was opened in Taizhou Chuangyuan hotel. 140 users of Jiangsu Communications Engineering Corporation, transportation and highway systems in Hebei Province, Henan Province and Taizhou City and XCMG product dealers attended the meeting. Yang Yong, general manager of XCMG Technology Co., Ltd., Kong Qinghua, deputy general manager of XCMG Technology Co., Ltd. and general manager of marketing company Yang Dongsheng, deputy general manager of science and Technology Corporation and general manager of road construction machinery branch, and leaders of Taizhou Huatong company attended the meeting

on the morning of August 19, the ancient city of Taizhou was crisp in autumn, and the flags were flying in front of the Chuangyuan hotel in the economic development zone, surrounded by flowers and crowds. The landing arch, balloons, wind bands, and flower baskets set off a lively scene, The banner on the hotel building "warmly welcome friends from all walks of life who participated in the product exhibition of XCMG group and the commissioning ceremony of Taizhou Huatong mixing plant. Now the operation method of this experimental machine is described as follows: you" is particularly eye-catching, and the enterprise flags of XCMG group and Huatong company form a unique landscape around

the meeting was divided into two venues. At the first venue, the conference room of Chuangyuan Hotel, XCMG product exhibition, and the celebration of the launch ceremony of Huatong, leaders of Taizhou Huatong company, Taizhou Transportation Bureau, and leaders of XCMG science and Technology Co., Ltd. respectively, did you really understand the structure and operation method of the concrete pressure testing machine, and delivered a passionate speech, Ge Zhong, general manager of Huatong company, on behalf of Huatong company, thanked XCMG group for continuously developing domestic leading high-tech products for the majority of construction enterprises, especially the first 4000 asphalt concrete mixing station provided for Huatong company. It has advanced technology, convenient operation and large daily production, which has enhanced the market competitiveness of Huatong company and accelerated the development of Huatong company. Pan Jun, director of Taizhou Transportation Bureau, said in his speech that Taizhou transportation system will seize the opportunity of this meeting and continue to expand cooperation with XCMG group, so that XCMG products can play a greater role in creating wealth for the "three Tai" land. Yang Yong, general manager of XCMG Technology Co., Ltd., first of all, on behalf of XCMG group, congratulated Taizhou Huatong company on several positive signals and the commissioning of stations in the economic operation of China's extruder industry, welcomed all guests and friends present at the meeting, and expressed heartfelt thanks to all leaders, guests and friends who have cared for and supported XCMG group for many years! General manager Yang Yong said in his speech that 2003 was the year with the largest number of expressway construction projects and the longest construction mileage in Jiangsu Province. The Huning section of 312 National Highway with an investment of 4billion yuan is about to be fully started. Jiangsu riverside Expressway and Wuxi Taihu ring expressway have entered the implementation stage. In particular, Taizhou has obtained a traffic construction loan of 440million yuan, which will rapidly improve the level of highway construction in Taizhou. In addition, Jiangsu has invested 3.7 billion yuan to speed up the construction of key water conservancy projects and invested 10 billion yuan to build Changzhou and Yangzhou power plants. The construction of these infrastructure will bring earth shaking changes to the economy of Jiangsu Province. XCMG will make our contribution to the capital construction of Jiangsu Province with first-class construction machinery and equipment. President Yang said that we are willing to provide good services for Taizhou Huatong Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, develop strategic cooperative relations, actively explore and try various forms of cooperation modes, and jointly develop, achieve mutual benefit and common development. Finally, President Yang welcomed friends to XCMG group on behalf of XCMG

after the celebration meeting, the delegates rushed to the Taixing construction site of Huatong company, the second venue, and a grand ribbon cutting ceremony was held on the construction site. With the order to start the production, the machine sounded, drum music and firecrackers sounded in unison. After feeding, heating, screening, dedusting and mixing, finished materials like black pearls poured out of the storage bin. Large trucks loaded with finished materials drove to the construction site, and the whole audience was jubilant. The 4000 Asphalt Concrete Mixing Station attracted the interest of users, dealers and participants from all over the world. They took out cameras and video recorders to record this spectacular scene and collect data for the next purchase of similar products from XCMG

"XCMG group product exhibition and Taizhou Huatong company mixing plant commissioning ceremony" caused a shock in the "Santai" area, and XCMG products have received extensive attention from users. According to statistics, XCMG sells one rp950w stabilized material paver on site, and users intend to purchase two 4000 asphalt concrete mixing stations, one slurry dust sealer, and one 1000 asphalt concrete mixing station, with a total amount of 20million yuan. (family meeting)

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