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[new product] change wired to wireless

Bonner's new wireless communication tl70 module makes it easy to add a network connection to any tl70 tower lamp with a basic base. The sure cross node and antenna are integrated to support two-way communication between tl70 and other network devices. This eliminates the trouble and cost of laying cables and changing infrastructure to connect wired network equipment

product features

2.4 GHz band

be able to communicate with mobile devices that are remote, hard to reach, expensive, difficult to achieve, troublesome or impossible to achieve wired connections

as a substitute for tl70 wireless communication base, it can be updated faster on a wider range of machines

it supports NPN and PNP input and is applied to various mechanical equipment

scalable solution: a DXM wireless controller or switch can support up to 47 wireless nodes

can be used in combination with multi-color segment, monochrome segment and a beep segment, up to 6 segments

durable, waterproof IP65 shell is made of UV stabilized material, which can be black or gray shell

main benefits

simple installation and setting: install on a standard tl70 base and click, bind the node to DXM wireless controller or sure cross13, try to greatly improve the production efficiency, and then start communication. The machine input provides power for it without continuous power supply

remote monitoring and control: send and receive data from network connected devices, allowing users to monitor and update status from any location that is difficult to access for scalable configuration

real time alarm: Based on the data of tl70, a DXM wireless controller can send SMS and/or email alarm. The concrete pressure testing machine measures and judges the performance parameters of concrete according to the national standard gb/t50081 (2) 002 "standard for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete", so as to notify the staff of any state changes that need immediate attention

improve performance and efficiency: calculate the overall efficiency of equipment (OEE) and other productivity indicators using DXM data collected from tl70

product application

industrial IOT (iiot) integration

OEE data acquisition

improve productivity

remote mechanical condition monitoring

product selection

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