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Artistic aesthetic function of metal packaging

speaking of metal packaging, we will immediately think of the dazzling and diverse food, alcohol, and other packaging iron boxes on the shelves of large supermarkets in the market. Metal packaging is mainly made of horse iron sheets, which are of high quality in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other places, because horse iron sheets are soft and elastic, which is convenient to shape different artistic shapes. Generally, the goods packaged with horse iron are targeted at the high-end market, and the main consumer markets of horse iron packaging in the world are Europe and the United States. Horse iron boxes are mainly used for the packaging of food, while others are used for the packaging of alcohol, chocolate and tea. Secondly, the market of tobacco industry is also very large, because such products need sealed horse iron box packaging. It is not only a container, but also can be used for publicity. In Europe, businessmen are strictly prohibited from directly selling drugs to doctors, but putting gifts into the tin box and then advertising another product outside the box is in line with EU regulations

metal packaging boxes have very high production quality requirements, which must meet the safety standards of the U.S. Food and drug administration. In addition, it has to pass the (n71) test, which is the product safety standard of the international toy industry. Even children can put horse iron boxes into imports. In terms of direct contact between food and containers, tea, milk powder and coffee are directly packed into horse iron boxes. Therefore, it has higher requirements for food hygiene and safety. In addition, it is the artistry of the design shape and pattern of the packaging of the horse iron box. Although some of these engineering thermoplastics displayed in Hamburg are more suitable for injection molding and thermoforming manufacturing, starting from the understanding of product design, specific artistic processing is carried out for different product packaging, from the shape design of the horse iron packaging box, the design of each plane pattern, and the perfect combination with the printing process, so as to produce each characteristic, Ma Lun Mei's Ma tie packing box

first of all, from the aesthetic point of view of modeling design, today's metal box modeling design presents a colorful pattern. It not only has traditional square boxes, rectangular boxes, round boxes, but also heart-shaped boxes, special-shaped boxes, semi cylindrical boxes, cylindrical boxes, and more composite boxes. A certain function determines a certain shape of the product. The product modeling function is carefully considered and carefully designed to meet the needs of different products for packaging box modeling. For example, the convenience of opening the metal box and the consumer group targeted by the fashionable shape. For example, the modeling design for children should strive to be lively and cute. Children should first like the cute shape, so that children can eat and play with the packaging box. The warranty period: they don't throw away the packaging box after the things in it, and the packaging box has become their toys and partners at the same time. The styling of the fashionable young generation should be designed with a sense of the times after being overcorrected, so that the consumption and purchase of metal packaging products has become a fashion. For mass consumers, metal packaging can be used as a high-end gift. With the development of the times, the satisfaction of needs is gradually developing from low-level to high-level. This statement is very enlightening for us to analyze the composition of product modeling functions. The artistry of its shape design must be adapted to the psychological will of users. When people use products, they not only need products to provide convenience for life, but also further require products to reflect their will and wishes, so that products can become ideal representations

solves the modeling problem of metal packaging, and the design of patterns and colors between her planes is also crucial. A set of good metal packaging modeling coupled with exquisite pattern design makes it a perfect combination, which adds more artistic and aesthetic value to the packaging. In the performance of pattern design, it interprets the modern flavor or classical beauty. Some people apply abstract art to pattern design. Through plane abstract pattern design, we can visually feel a pure abstraction based on geometry, straight line and primary color. She has the power and spirit of the universe. And some pattern designs have the artistic characteristics of expressionist style. And fully absorb the advantages of various art schools, so that the packaging can become a three-dimensional art and establish a visual order. Some graphic designs pay more attention to the use of traditional graphics, and the aesthetic psychology of traditional patterns is more in line with its nationality. She is a lifestyle loved by the nation, which is completely consistent with the aesthetic characteristics of the nation itself. She expresses an emotion through symbols, metaphors, and homophonies. It makes the designed pattern produce a kind of humanization and personalization on the packaging box, and becomes the medium of expressing feelings. It makes this ordinary metal packaging full of interest, and makes the original strictly standardized size and size become connected and emotional. It is a perfect embodiment of aesthetics and art on the packaging

some excellent metal packages not only have beautiful shapes, but also excellent pattern designs. The greatest contributor to these aesthetic values is today's advanced printing and manufacturing technology. People know more about printing on all kinds of paper, and printing on metal surface has its special side. She is far more difficult than printing on paper from the perspective of process and technical requirements. Fortunately, today's technological development has made the production of high-quality metal packaging boxes a reality. First of all, the ink printed on the metal surface has a concave convex three-dimensional feeling after printing, and the color is dazzling, which is a special kind of printing. Secondly, the ink should be fast drying and tough, because after printing on a flat metal plate, it has to go through repeated stamping, crimping, sealing and other processes to make it a perfect packaging box

it can be seen that the aesthetic idea of metal packaging modeling and pattern design lies in new ideas and consciousness, which is fundamental in emotion. Qualitative fission is the cultural tendency of new and modern packaging design viewed from people's own perspective. She is a creative product of labor that combines artistry and technology. On the other hand, from the aesthetic perspective of the relationship between metal packaging and the environment, it also has her development prospects. Metal objects can be recycled and reused, and will not cause damage to people's living environment. She is a green packaging. It also solves the contradictions between man and nature, between man and man, and enables man to achieve the all-round development of his own essential strength. She also has a share of the metal packaging in the middle. Metal packaging not only brings us the aesthetic function of perfect art because the quality of automotive materials determines the service life of automobiles, but also brings us the aesthetic function of sustainable development in harmony with the environment and human beings

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