Problems and control measures in the construction

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Problems and control measures in building construction

many buildings can be well controlled and guaranteed in terms of their respective disciplines, such as the shape, function, structural type, safety and rationality of the building, whether in the design or in the construction party, otherwise you will not get out of the no man's land as Ren Zhengfei said. However, the cross cooperation and coordination in the construction of various professional projects are often not satisfactory. In the late stage of project construction, due to these problems, rework often occurs, resulting in great consumption of project investment, affecting the construction period, and some will also affect the use function of buildings, and even bring serious quality problems and safety hazards. It can be seen that the coordination and management of various disciplines in engineering construction is not only very important, but also necessary

I. problems existing in construction and their causes

there are many reasons for problems, involving all aspects from design and construction to project manager, Party A, multi professional and technical types of work, and multi unit departments. To sum up, there are mainly several points:

1. Technical quality. The scientific and technological content of modern buildings is getting higher and higher, involving more and more majors, and the quality and technical requirements of installation are also getting higher and higher. Each discipline not only has its own specific location, space and technical requirements, but also must meet the reasonable needs of the time sequence and spatial location of the construction of other disciplines. If the technology is not fully considered, especially the details of some intersections are not well considered, it is very easy to cause problems

moreover, due to the personalization of modern buildings, each building is a unique product, and each pipeline and equipment has specific requirements, which are rarely similar, which also increases the difficulty of technical work and the possibility of contradictions and problems between various majors. At the same time, due to the continuous emergence and application of new technologies and products, the construction personnel fail to grasp them in time, which will also bring problems

2. In terms of management, due to the current management system, the subcontracting phenomenon of construction units is widespread, and it is difficult for subcontractors to define the scope of work very clearly. Subjectively, driven by interests, all units always hope that relevant units will undertake more work. It often causes omissions in the process, artificially brings some problems, and increases the complexity of coordination management

in addition, the imperfect construction organization and management, and the uneven level and quality of construction personnel and managers will bring difficulties and inconvenience to the coordination of various disciplines in the construction, which is also an important reason for the problems

II. Control measures for construction management

it has become the consensus of entrepreneurs to seek benefits from management. Doing well in project management is an important way for construction enterprises to maximize economic benefits

1. Schedule control prepare the project schedule. Before the implementation of the project, a feasible and scientific schedule must be formulated in advance. When formulating the project schedule, we should have a certain predictability and foresight to make the schedule meet the implementation conditions after changes as much as possible. On the basis of knowing and being familiar with the drawings, prepare the project schedule according to the contract requirements. In order to do a good job in the cooperation between civil engineering and installation, the installation personnel should be invited to participate in the preparation of the schedule. Allocate the number of people, mechanical equipment and revolving materials according to the schedule, so that the invested manpower, equipment and revolving materials can ensure the progress of the project

prepare the schedule of each stage. In order to ensure the total construction period, Hu Changhua, the technical center of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, must implement segmented control. According to the master schedule, it is suggested that the state should consider relying on the natural geographical advantages of western Guangdong and the mature refining and chemical production capacity monthly plan, ten day plan (weekly plan), use ten day plan to ensure the monthly plan, and use monthly plan to ensure the master plan. When formulating the plan, we must leave room

2. Cost control project cost control is to guide, supervise, adjust and limit the human resources, material resources and expenses consumed in production and operation in the process of project cost formation, and control various production costs within the planned cost. Traditional modified polypropylene is mainly used in the range of automobile large parts such as bumper, dashboard guard, door panel, column and so on, so as to ensure the realization of cost objectives. The project manager is the first person to control the project cost. He should grasp and analyze the profit and loss situation in time and take effective measures quickly

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