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Recently, a station in Shenzhen announced the salary level of employees in various industries in Shenzhen. Overall, the overall salary in Shenzhen is quite competitive compared with that in other parts of the country. As a pillar industry in Shenzhen, the printing industry is obviously above the middle level compared with other industries in the user's use process, and its salary level shows three characteristics:

1 Technicians are in short supply

many start-up captains have a monthly salary of 10000 yuan, and some small factories are less than 8000~9000 yuan/month, which are most sensitive to the impedance of output load

2 There is a big difference in position salary

compared with the captain and other core technical personnel, the monthly salary of general small workers is only maintained at more than 1000 yuan, which is equivalent to converting 10 small workers into one captain

3. Pay by piece for pure manual personnel

generally speaking, the salary of women workers who manually fold pages is paid by piece, and it is generally 1-2 cents for folding and pasting a piece, and the cumulative salary is calculated

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