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Lingyue technology wins the future - Jiatong comfort F series is launched to explore the new "static" world of sound quality

Lingyue technology wins the future - Jiatong comfort F series is launched to explore the new "static" world of sound quality

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on December 6, 2018, Jiatong tire grandly held the 2019 new product launch of "Lingyue technology, win the future" at the Yancheng proving ground of China automobile center, The new generation of Jiatong advanztech Lingyue technology global integrated R & D platform and Jiatong comfort F series will be launched, and then the measuring force value will be introduced through electric measurement. The new quiet comfortable tire will explore the new "quiet" boundary of sound quality, and inject the exploration spirit of inexhaustible development power with continuous innovation

since entering China in 1993, Jiatong has been committed to promoting cutting-edge technology and high-end quality experience for 25 years, deeply understanding the needs of the automotive industry to promote the R & D of existing tire products and the innovation of market layout, further consolidating the foundation of Jiatong's deep cultivation in China and ensuring the driving safety of users

advanztech Lingyue technology leads technological innovation and upgrading

advanztech Lingyue technology, as a global integrated research and development platform of Jiatong, continuously improves the tire design, simulation analysis, test evaluation and production quality control system through in-depth exploration of various performance mechanisms of tires, innovates and upgrades intelligent cutting-edge technologies, and meets the needs of users in different markets for quiet comfort, green energy conservation, safety, high quality, durability, accurate control The pursuit of intelligent innovation and other aspects of driving and riding helps global auto manufacturers and aftermarket owners create greater value

the newly released Jiatong comfortable F series tires are equipped with the soft sound noise reduction technology under the advanztech Lingyue technology platform. Through the in-depth exploration of "sound quality", the tire noise is comprehensively optimized by integrating factors such as loudness, sharpness, roughness and undulation, so as to reduce the air noise, vibration noise and internal structure noise when the tires are in contact with the ground during vehicle driving, and further improve the quietness and comfort of drivers and passengers, With the consistent excellent quality of Jiatong, it delivers the driving pleasure of integrating people and vehicles

the new giticomfort F series explores the new static boundary of sound quality

the newly released giticomfort F22 for class A and B cars and giticomfort F50 for compact SUVs help reduce the pattern noise by optimizing the length and arrangement order of pattern blocks and adopting multiple groups of pattern quick dislocation arrangement. At the same time, multi angle pattern grooves reduce the air noise caused by pumping effect and optimize the carcass contour, Reduce the noise caused by the vibration of vehicle and tire structure during driving

as the world's first-class and China's top testing machine factory's analysis of the start-up of the hydraulic system of automobile tires, Yancheng automobile testing ground of China Automotive Technology Research Center specially conducted professional evaluation of rolling resistance, tire sliding noise, dry/wet braking performance, dry/wet handling, comfort/vehicle interior noise and other categories for Jiatong giticomfort F22 and giticomfort F50. In the actual test, Jiatong comfort F series tires, as silent and comfortable tires, play an extreme role in terms of silence. Affected by the rainy wetland environment on the day of the test, the giticomfort F22 equipped with Volkswagen maiteng passed the noise test at a speed of 80km/h, which was 72.5db, 0.9db lower than the previous generation of products of Jiatong and 0.4db lower than the benchmark brand; The giticomfort F50 equipped with Hyundai Xinshengda is 71.8db, which is 0.6dB lower than the previous generation of products of Jiatong and 0.1dB lower than the benchmark brand

Jiatong giticomfort F22 and giticomfort F50 not only perform commendably in reducing tire noise, but also have excellent dry wetland grip performance, which is enough to freely cope with daily driving and emergency line changes, and excellent in braking distance in wetland braking. Jiatong comfort F series improves hydrophilicity by optimizing formula, increases grounding area to shorten wetland braking distance, and provides safety care for car owners in an all-round way. In the dry wetland braking test, Jiatong giticomfort F22 wetland braking distance (80km/H-0) is 30.1m, and the dry ground braking distance (100km/H-0) is 37.67m; The braking distance of giticomfort F55 wetland is 29.72m, and the braking distance on dry ground is 39.32m. These two F series new products are about 2m shorter than that of the previous generation of giticomfort products. In addition, Jiatong comfort F series new tires also consider energy conservation and environmental protection. By optimizing the formula to improve the dispersion of nano silicon reinforcement materials, we can achieve the effect of reducing rolling resistance and saving energy and fuel

at the 25th anniversary of Jiatong tire's deep cultivation in China, Jiatong will continue to devote itself to market innovation and development, uphold the spirit of Singapore's "lean manufacturing", and wholeheartedly present a richer product line for Chinese consumers and create a better driving experience. At the press conference, Luo Baihua, deputy general manager of the replacement market of Jiatong tire passenger car tire department, said, "Jiatong has been investing in China for 25 years and has been committed to building a tire brand of choice for Chinese car owners. To this end, we insist on making products and meeting new performance requirements; insisting on making brands and letting users feel at ease to recommend; insisting on making services and improving the purchase experience." Jiatong will take advantage of the launch of the global integrated R & D platform advanztech Lingyue technology and the new comfortable F series products, which further demonstrates the commitment of Jiatong tire to the Chinese market and car owners, and Lingyue technology will win the future

about GITI Jiatong tire

giti Jiatong tire () was founded in Singapore and is one of the world's leading tire manufacturers. GITI Jiatong relies on its excellent products and services, selling well in more than 130 countries around the world, and has won the trust of many well-known automobile manufacturers at home and abroad, becoming its long-term cooperative tire supplier

giti Jiatong tire has eight tire manufacturing plants in China, Indonesia and the United States. China Jiatong tire C and the closed-loop control plant that adopts PID control strategy to realize deformation have obtained iso/ts16949 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. At the same time, the four major R & D centers in the United States, Germany, China and Indonesia and the British tire testing center have worked closely together to build their global R & D strength. GITI Jiatong tire is actively involved in car racing. Through the extreme challenge of tire performance, it continues to refine its research and development technology and feed back to the civil tire market

at present, Jiatong has nearly 70000 professional retail service terminals all over the world, covering five continents, providing perfect tire solutions for car owners and fleets, making excellent products and services within reach

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